7 Passenger Crossover Vehicles

The year 2011 has seen the formation of a hefty list comprising of some of the most excellent vehicles. The inclusion of these vehicles in this list was purely done based entirely upon the reviews of critics and buyers’ opinion. To make it easier to identify each of the vehicles’ unique qualities, the list has been divided into relevant groupings comprising of the premium 7 passenger minivans, best 7 seater SUVs and the 7 passenger crossover vehicles which won the buyers’ attention this year of 2011.

Best 7 Passenger Minivan: Toyota Sienna
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Best 7 Passenger Minivan: Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna undoubtedly is the championed best, amongst the best minivans for 2011, keeping in mind the top ratings that the Sienna has received and the prospective buyers waiting to get its keys in their hands. The automobile has such demand because of its ability to optimally utilize fuel consumption and the price for this beauty being within the budget of almost every buyer. The next to follow is the Chrysler Town and Country. It is fuel-efficient to a level that can be compared with the Sienna and the vehicles boasts of a lot of space assigned for parties to be held in the car and this why the Chrysler Town and Country has sold like hot cakes in 2011. The new 2011 KIA Sedona is another increasingly popular 7 passenger minivan for the year 2011.

Honda Pilot: Best 7 Passenger Crossover SUV
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Best 7 Passenger Crossover SUV

Diverting the attention next to the top 7 passenger crossover manufactured in 2011, the name that instantly jumps up on everyone’s lips is the 2011 Honda Pilot. The automobile is very conscious about benefiting the environment and if buyers have to pay a pittance for this gracious car then nothing can stop it from being the most sought after 7 passenger crossover car. The next to come is the Ford Flex, another 7 passenger crossover whose performance has what made it more reputable in the current year. At the first impression for this vehicle, you would take it as an automobile that extravagantly feeds on fuels. In reality, the picture is although much different. There is no other car present that can give it a good competition on fuel efficiency.  It is spacious, has an artistic outlook and there maybe is no need to doubt why it had made its place in this list of top cars.

Best 7 Passenger SUV: Toyota Highlander
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Best 7 Passenger SUV

If you are considering the top 7 passenger SUVs for this present year and the one seater SUV which wouldn’t miss to be discussed in any review or comparison would be the Toyota Highlander. The Toyota Highlander did not reach for productions in recent years but with every year that passes, people seem to develop a liking for it and always find something that is new about it. Thus, it has its exceedingly high ratings for 2011.

Crossovers With 3rd Row Seating

The crossover is a relatively new genre and niche in the automotive industry. Ten years ago, this type of vehicle didn’t even exist. Like other vehicles, whether cars, vans, pickup trucks, or SUVs, there are different sizes of crossovers. There’s the traditional or standard size with two row seating and then there are much longer crossovers with 3rd row seating. This latter group are considered among the large crossovers. Crossovers with 3rd row seating have some benefits and advantages over any other type of vehicle with far less passenger seating capacity.

Primary Benefits Of These Crossovers

The principle benefit is the sheer number of people that can be carried in this type of vehicle. The middle row usually consists of a bench seat where three adults can comfortably sit, while the back or third row is comprised of a foldable bench seat. It’s not as big as the second row bench seat but it’s perfectly roomy and adequate enough for little children. Three or even four little children can sit comfortably. And two average size adults can also fit in the seats. So a three-seater like this type of crossover is truly a six-eight passenger vehicle. Other benefits include generous amounts of leg and head room, and the capacity to fold down the back row seat and use it for very spacious cargo room to carry nearly as much as can be carried in a much more expensive minivan or midsize SUV.

[ Power : Road : Lines : Dynamic : Doors ] The Audi Q5 SUV @ Hafen City : Hamburg, Germany

Price Points

Crossovers were actually invented and designed to be a lower priced alternative to costly SUVs and minivans. Brand new crossovers can be purchased in the $29,000 range, depending on the make and manufacturer. Such new models as the 2012 GMC Acadio, Chevrolet Traverse, Acura MDX, Kia Solento, Toyota Highlander hybrid, Hyundai Veracruz, and the Dodge Durango are at least $20,000-$25,000 less than the largest of used SUVs such as the Hummer, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, or even the popular but fuel inefficient Tahoe or Yukon.

Specific, Custom Features of These Vehicles

Crossovers, in general, even the large three row ones, are built much lower to the ground than a large SUV. This is a major selling point, especially for female drivers and passengers if they’re wearing heels, and certain types of attire such as long skirts and dresses that would be cumbersome to wear when climbing into a much higher type of vehicle. They’re easy to drive, quite fuel efficient, have that appealing SUV look, and come with such features as connectivity to Bluetooth devices, keyless entry by remote, headlights that go on automatically at night, backup cameras, electronically/hydraulically-powered tailgates or lift gates and even sonar technology for rear parking assistance, along with push-button ignition.

Disadvantages & More Information

Some buyers might think a $30,000 or so price starting point is too much to pay for any vehicle. Others won’t like that SUV appearance, even though crossovers are much smaller. And a third disadvantage is that some buyers just want a more traditional, less distinctive and unique vehicle to drive. For anyone interested in learning much more comprehensive information about this type of crossover and crossovers in general, please read all of the invaluable information on this website.

The Top Cars to Choose From

The Consumer Reports performs 50 or more tests to determine the best cars and the best suvs out in the market today. Some of the tests they perform to determine the best cars and the best suvs are pushing the vehicle to its limits, evaluating it for car emergencies, and everyday handling. For a new car to be considered as top rated, it also needs to be reliable and requires limited maintenance. A new car also needs to be a good performer in government and industry crash tests. For car shoppers, going over the list is a good place to start.

Top Pick Family Sedan: Toyota Camry Hybrid – In 2012, the Toyota Camry Hybrid had been redesigned and this is a major factor for it being a top pick in the family sedan category. Despite its ample size, the Toyota Camry Hybrid offers an amazing 38 mpg fuel economy. This is the best in its class and it even beats out other vehicles that are less powerful. Other great features of the Camry are its comfortable ride, roomy interiors and quick acceleration. The 2012 version also has crisper handling and nicer interiors.

2007 Toyota Camry

Top Pick Sports Car: Ford Mustang – The Ford Mustang always bested out other competitors in terms of strong acceleration and V-8 power. With its 5 liter V-8, it gives rapid acceleration, great exhaust sound and good fuel economy within its counterparts. Even the 3.7 liter V-6 is also a good option and it even saves more fuel than the V-8. Besides power, the Mustang also has good handling, comfortable front seats and a decent ride. The rear seats are somewhat tight but the upgrades on the 2012 version make up for it.

Top Pick Affordable Family Sedan: Hyundai Sonata – A more inexpensive alternative to the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the Hyundai Sonata. Priced under $22,000, it gives a good bang for your buck with its smooth ride, roomy interior cabin, decent handling and fuel economy of 27 mpg. Even if the Sonata is like a coupe, it still allows for decent rear seating and visibility giving it an edge against its competitors.

Top Pick Small SUV: Toyota RAV4 – The RAV4 is a cut above the rest of the small SUV market. It combines good performance with versatility and decent fuel economy. It also has roomy interiors, good response handling, and it is extremely reliable. In its class, the four-cylinder RAV4 gives better fuel economy. The V-6 version’s acceleration rivals most sports sedans. Its optional third row is small but still useful.

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Hybrid 7 Passenger SUV

Hybrid 7 Passenger SUV

7 passenger suv hybrid: The current community, for benefits to both the economy and climate, has augmented its insistence for the usage of hybrid automobiles. As the human populace has become more conscious in terms for conserving the environment and obtaining full optimization of the fuel used, the cry for 7 passenger SUV hybrid has become almost a latest trend followed by none other than families! The enhancements that are made to these seater SUVs, almost each year, to bring in diversity and making these more cheaper are really commendable.

Best Hybrid 7 Passenger SUV
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7 passenger SUV hybrid vehicles

People have previously been fidgeting a lot about using vehicles that drink up fuel but still had to keep using the cars running on electricity owing to the fact that those consumed less fuel but were injurious to the environment. The 7 passenger SUV hybrid vehicles do not go through the sufferings anymore of short of power to drive the vehicle just before reaching the recharge station. There is a fuel tank incorporated in hybrids which generate the power that is sent to a generator performing the job of serving double purposes where it either motivates the spread of power or again relives the batteries.

Best 7 passenger SUV list of hybrid SUVs: Toyota Highlander

As per the list of the 7 passenger SUV hybrid vehicles, the Highlander by Toyota has been given the most preference. The internal designing is such that the vehicle can provide a high comfort level to the passengers and fuel optimization is also commendable for the Highlander at the pace of 26 miles of distance travelled on a single gallon of fuel.

Best 7 passenger SUV list of hybrid SUVs: Toyota Highlander
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People who have many family members to accommodate in the vehicle or have the need to carry objects around with them should consider going for a seater SUV eligible for eight passengers and one of the few of such SUVs coming from reputed manufacturers is the Chevrolet Tahoe, a spacious SUV, which has been known to be gas efficient and travel upto 20 miles on every gallon of fuel used. There were some buyers who wished to go for the 6 seater hybrid SUVs but the markets today have a serious lacking in that now. The closest commendation to these SUVs is the Chrysler Pacifica SUV. It is not a hybrid version, can allow six seats to be filled and can travel a distance of about 20 miles.

7 passenger suv Chrysler Pacifica: hybrid suv
Creative Commons License photo credit: mav.mbecker.net

The US hybrid vehicles till date have always lost in comparison to the Japanese hybrids car but now the American market is booming with its own fabulous productions. The models Aspen, Tahoe and Ford Sedan, all hybrids, have effectively known to cover 41 and 36 miles within the town and on highways respectively for every gallon of fuel which signifies that a genuine hybrid can travel more even within the city.

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Best 7 Passenger Vehicles

Best 7 Passenger Vehicles

If you are looking for a perfect car especially for individuals with large families that has space for more passengers than standard vehicles offer. A normal car can carry four passengers but mostly people demand for 7 passenger vehicles. This has caused wide demand for vehicles that can carry up to seven passengers. When looking for 7 passenger vehicles, consumers can choose between a 7 seat SUV and a minivan. Both choices have a variety of options that can suit the needs of the entire family. So deciding which car to buy depends upon the person needs.  In addition to seating capacity, other factors like fuel efficiency, price, safety features, and other accessories should also be examined. This will help to ensure that the consumer picks the right vehicle to satisfy their needs and the needs of their family. Safety is also a major factor in selecting a 7 seat SUV because everyone wants to travel safe and sound.


toyota highlander one of the best 7 passenger vehicles
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When it come to 7 passenger vehicles, the Toyota Highlander is one of the most versatile and best option available for you. It is a 7 seat SUV that has both 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder versions. There is also a hybrid version for the buyer that is concerned about the environment. Toyota is the most liked brand of vehicles all over the world.

toyota highlander great 7 passenger vehicle
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It has a big price range starting from $27,390, and have an estimated fuel efficiency of 20 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. This vehicle also comes equipped with all wheel drive which is very necessary for a SUV. Motor Trend gave the Highlander a top rating when it comes to safety, and a few of the standard features available in this 7 passenger vehicle include front and side airbags, electronic stability control, an energy management feature, and child seat lower anchorage. It is one of the top all around SUVs in the 7 passenger vehicles category.

Chrysler Town and Country

The Chrysler Town and Country falls in the minivan category, and it has good fuel efficiency gets 16 miles per gall in city driving and 23 miles per gallon highway. It starts at $26,025 new, and the price can increase depending on the type of edition selected. All editions come with a 3.8 Liter V6 engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission.

A plus point in this 7 passenger vehicle is space. This is also one of the few minivans that allow the owner to fold the seats flat into the floor for extra room, rather than having to take them entirely out of the vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for the family that does a lot of hauling. The Chrysler Town and Country also comes with the standard safety features to ensure that all passengers are safe while traveling.

Honda Pilot - one of the best 7 passenger suvs or 7 seats suvs
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Honda Pilot

Honda also manufactures 7 seats SUV which is very much liked by the people. From the 7 passenger vehicles, the Honda Pilot is more SUV Crossover Car that offers seating for up to seven passengers. Latest version begin at $28,045 and offers 17 mpg city driving and 23 mpg highway driving. Every Honda Pilot is powered by a 3.5 Liter V6 engine, and its Variable Cylinder Management system helps to increase the mileage and lower emissions. There are a variety of safety features included in this vehicle, such as the Vehicle Stability Assist system, which has traction control and helps sense conditions of over-steer and under-steer. This system can also break individual wheels or reduce the input of throttle to help the driver to restore control of the vehicle.

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Best 6 Passenger SUV

Best 6 Passenger SUV List and 6 Passenger Crossovers

If you are thinking to change your vehicle then why not a 6 passenger SUV? A sport utility vehicle is very versatile which provides you more safety and greater space. It can hold many people as well as cargo. Many people like the driver visibility that an SUV offers. When looking for a 6 passenger crossover vehicles, you can choose from a new or used vehicle. With both new and used 6 passenger SUV vehicles, you will have even more choices. You will want to choose which manufacturer model will work best for you. This all selection procedure depends on your needs and requirements. Then, you will want to select which make of car you want. There is a variety of 6 passenger crossover vehicles from where you can make a choice easily. This is where you will choose which options and amenities you want for your vehicle and which is the best 6 passenger SUV for you.

Top 6 Passenger SUV: Honda Pilot

Honda vehicles are very popular among people and have a solid reputation. They are considered by many to be reliable as well as economical. Choose from front-wheel drive vehicles or 4×4′s. Some models available are LX, EX, EXS-L and 4×4 Touring. Each will have various options available.

Honda Pilot is a Top 6 Passenger SUV
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The Honda Pilot gets between 16-17 mpg in the city and 22-23 mpg during highway driving. Some of the exterior colors available include blue pearl, taffeta white, black pearl and metal metallic. Interior colors are black, blue, beige and gray. Talking about its space, it is very spacious and also has very economical mileage which is mostly not available in other 6 passenger SUV. It also has a very low maintenance costs which is around $2,700.00 over a five-year period. Over the same period of time, repair costs are estimated to be $1,500.00 a 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, front anti-roll bar and 4-wheel disc brakes are a few standard equipment items. It is especially designed for speed lovers. It also offers other attractive features, some of the standard comfort items are air conditioning, including rear air conditioning with separate controls, front bucket seats, cargo concealed storage and remote keyless entry.

Beautiful Six Passenger SUV: Cadillac Escalade

If you are looking for a luxury 6 passenger SUV, you will find it within the Cadillac Escalade. Actually this beauty seats up to seven passengers comfortably.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid 2-Mode * Clean Beast
Creative Commons License photo credit: jiazi

It has very beautiful and attractive Interior colors which are cocoa, ebony and cashmere. Exterior colors are gray, blue, black and variations within these colors. If you want your 6 seater SUV to come equipped with a powerful engine, space and beauty this vehicle delivers you all what you want. Some standard features are front and rear anti-roll bars, automatic headlights, and security and tracker systems. It has very long list of its features that is why it is mostly liked by many people. If you want to buy a 6 passenger SUV always check the 6 passenger vehicles list which will be very helpful for you in selecting a SUV.

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